Why Does Lily Lake Have a Lake Board?

The Lily Lake Improvement Association (LLIA) was formed many years ago and over time, one of the greatest improvements to the lake has been controlling nuisance plants.  Initially, payment toward the control of weeds was on a piecemeal basis.

Twenty plus years ago, a Special Assessment District (SAD) was formed to manage the lake.   As a result, an assessment was added to the yearly tax bill for lake property owners.

A Lake Board can be established by motion of a local unit of government or by petition of two-thirds of the property owners.  The Greenwood Township Board (www.greenwoodtownship.org – June 2018 minutes) established a Lake Board for the purpose of forming a special assessment district for the lake. “The Lily Lake Improvement Board shall determine the scope of the nuisance aquatic plant control project on Lily Lake and shall establish a special assessment district, including within the special assessment district all parcels of land within Greenwood Township which will be benefited by improvements on the lake.”

For more information on Lake Boards, click here.

The section Lake Board Composition details the five members of the lake board.  Carl Parks is our Drain Commissioner, Bronwyn Asplund is our County Commissioner, and the two local government representatives are Rachel Mackson (appointed April 2022) and Gail Garrity (appointed January 2021).

Further information can be found under Lake Board Procedures. As noted, the first order of business required an engineering feasibility report which can be accessed here.