Latest Sonar Testing Report

– From PLM

Hello All,

Our test results came back and I have attached them to this email. Sonar concentrations look great and normal. We have talked with the manufacturer of the product used and they don’t believe the plume had anything to do with the product. We did a little bit of inspection and suspect the construction of a sea wall and its jet pump putting the sediments out into the lake. It has all cleared up as of yesterday. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Casey Shoaff

Northeast Lake Manager

PLM Lake and Land Management Corp.

48hrs Lily FasTest

Lake Turnover

PLM was out testing our lake today And I received an update from Dale Price our Lake Board representative.

Due to the weather we have been having, they think that the lake is doing what is called a turnover. When the conditions are just right sometimes the cold water at the bottom of the lakes mixes with the warmer water on top.

The process is actually good for the lake in the long run of them in the short term it can cause a little bit of unpleasantness.

PLM will be back again next week to do some more testing and at that point in time should have more information for us.

Lake Treatment – May 6th, 2020

We have checked the water temperature on Lily this morning and it is ready to go! We have scheduled the treatment for Wednesday, May 6. Let us know if you have any questions!




Casey Shoaff

Northeast Lake Manager

PLM Lake and Land Management Corp.

Drive-In Movie Night – Grease

Sat. June 6th – Dusk – We may not be able to do Karaoke because of social distancing – But we can sing along to an outdoor drive-in showing of the movie Grease! Bring your own beverages, cups, etc.

There will not be a potluck, so please don’t bring food to pass. Hotdogs and individual movie concession snacks provided – Thank you Mike and Cheryl Sandstrom!

Come in golf cart/ATV – 50’s theme – wear your poodle skirts!

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