3 Water Related Bills in Session Tomorrow

MLSA indicated to the Committee on Natural Resources and Outdoor Recreation that we support House Bills 5401 and 5402 when they were first reviewed on Tuesday, January 28, 2020. These bills seek to regulate boating speeds during high water events and will be up for final vote tomorrow. Thank you to our members who reached out to us with their comments on these bills! There have been slight changes to the language and MLSA continues to support them. Both bills were introduced by Rep. Gary Eisen from the 81st District, St. Clair County: 517-373-1790 or garyeisen@house.mi.gov

You can read them here:

HB 5401 language, HB 5401 History

HB 5402 language, HB 5402 History

We are also aware of a new water related bill that will be reviewed for the first time in session tomorrow, House Bill 5463. MLSA does not have any insight into the bill at this time, it deals with a “procedure to allow local political subdivisions to apply for temporary emergency rules in water control zones” and is being introduced by Rep. Jim Lilly from the 89th District, Ottawa County: 517-373-0838or jimlilly@house.mi.gov

You can read the bill here:

HB 5463 language, HB 5463 History

If you wish to comment do not delay, the Committee on Natural Resources and Outdoor Recreation will meet to discuss these bills TOMORROW – Tuesday, February 11th at Noon in Room 326 of the Anderson House Office Building: 124 North Capitol Avenue, Lansing, MI 48933. You can reach out to your local representative or contact either of the Reps about their respective bills.

For more about the Michigan House of Representatives Committee on Natural Resources and Outdoor Recreation, you can find a list of committee members, subscribe to their list serv, and find a list of upcoming committee meetings on their website: http://house.michigan.gov/MHRPublic/CommitteeInfo.aspx?comcode=NATU