Lake Survey June 2024

Three members of your Lake Board – Gail, Lori, and Rachel – spent 90 minutes this morning with Casey Shoaff from PLM surveying the lake and discussing issues and treatment options. The plan is to treat the shoreline this Thursday (June 27th) for Richardson and Long Leaf Pondweeds and Lily Pads. Keep in mind that the Pondweeds are harder to kill.

Currently, the vegetation offshore is not an issue, but PLM will apply for an offshore revision permit in case conditions change this summer. Also, we are not experiencing a problem with Algae currently.

PLM uses various methods to spot native and exotic vegetation. They use the GPS on their cell phone to mark areas on a map for future treatment. While going down the channel, Casey spotted a couple of Bryozoan colonies that indicate good water quality. Casey also advised that grape Kool-Aid is a deterrent for geese on shore. We inquired about watering lawns using lake water. Casey stated that natural evaporation is the biggest issue for water decline and that watering your lawn does not affect the lake level. Good to know.

Your Lake Board was happy to work with PLM regarding the needs and issues of the riparian owners.

Example of Bryozoan Colony