Congrats to Gail Garrity!

. . . the new Greenwood Twp Representative for the Lily Lake Assessment Board – along with Brownwyn Asplund, the new County Commissioner for our district.

Gail replaces Linda Bailow. We would like to thank Linda for her service to Lily Lake and to Greenwood Township!

Bronwyn replaces Dave Hoefling. We appreciate Dave’s dedication to his role as both County Commissioner and on the Lake Board and are grateful for his kind and considerate nature.

Swimmer’s Itch

From PLM to Lake Rep Dale Price


Swimmer’s itch is a natural occurrence throughout water bodies all over the world. Its a life cycle of a flatworm that goes from waterfowl to snails. Unfortunately they find their way into humans where they die and can cause an irritation. You can’t do anything treatment wise, but wearing sport sunscreen that doesn’t wash off can put an extra layer the cercaria can’t penetrate. Also showering after swimming helps. Swimming in the middle of the lake also helps because the cercariae float towards shore where the wind blows in the top foot of water. Hopefully this helps.

The state of Michigan does not allow for treatment for swimmers itch.The state of Michigan does not allow for treatment for swimmers itch.

Point on East side of Lily Lake

– Near Shower’s property

Because the water is so high, a couple of boaters have hit their motors on rocks that were previously visible when the water is lower. To avoid any additional damage to boats and or their motors, a marker buoy and a hazard area label have been ordered to be placed in that area.

Sonar ‘Bump’ scheduled

PLM has scheduled a sonar bump pending FasTest results. We have tentatively scheduled it for Wednesday, May 27. If the levels are still good, we will wait to bump in a few more weeks, but I will let you know if that is the case. Please let me know if you have any questions.


Casey Shoaff

Northeast Lake Manager

PLM Lake and Land Management Corp.